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We buy, sell, and trade new and used vinyl. Until this site has all of our vinyl listed, just come on in! We buy based on the title and the condition of the item. The more rare the item is, the more it is worth, depending on the condition. Condition is extremely important in valuing the item. The condition of the sleeve is important also. If a record is truly collectable we will pay more for it.. Generally we will give half in cash or about two thirds in trade in of what we are going to sell it for. We buy all genres and most formats. If you have a collection for sale that is too big to carry in, give us a call so we can set up an appointment. 970.221.9977


Yes, we still have cassette tapes, new and used. We aren't particularly interested in buying anymore used tapes, but you never know. Make an appointment to stop in with your collection. 970.2221.9977

CD's and DVD's

Rock 'N' Robin's has thousands of CD's in stock. We do buy, sell and trade new and used CD's and DVD's. Condition of the discs you would like to sell or trade is very important. We will not buy things that don't play properly, or LOOK like they won't play properly. If you collection is large, call for an appointment 970.221.9977

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